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Sponsors and Patrons


Singer The festival welcomes entrants of all ages

If you would like to become a Sponsor for a morning/afternoon/evening session of the Festival or a Patron of the Festival the donations are as follows:

Last year our main business sponsors were:

Sponsors and Patrons receive:

Anyone interested in becoming a Sponsor or Patron please contact The Sponsors' and Patrons' Secretary: Mrs Veronica Gilbert, 39 Glendale Road, Wooler, NE71 6DL. Tel No: 01668 281362

Volunteer Support Group

The Festival relies upon its main committee plus a group Active Supporters to man the various tasks necessary to run the Festival smoothly. We try to encourage interested family members to assist with the running of the Festival and our Active Supporter list already contains several "mums". Our helpers organise refreshments, sales of programmes and the 'shepherding' of school choirs etc. as well as acting as Stewards at festival sessions. Some music specialist supporters are involved in choice of set test pieces.

We are very grateful for the help of all these supporters. We are always interested to hear of any person with the good of the Festival at heart who may be willing to help in whatever capacity. It is necessary however for all volunteers to satisfy the requirements of our Child Protection Policy. For this reason they have usually made themselves known in advance to Committee Members. It is usual that Active Supporters are also Patrons.

If you are interested in becoming an Active Supporter please contact the Hon. Secretary, tel. 01670 823384.